Robot Rapper Explores the Limits of Algorithmic Hip-Hop

Finnish researchers unveil DeepBeat, a rhyme-generating hip-hop computer system.

A robot, probably writing raps. Image by Arthur Caranta via Flickr

These days, with all the rapping holograms, rapping grannies, and rapping tomatoes, you’d think there would be a wealth of fun rapping robots out there. But considering the fact that we already have robot chefs and robot journalists, there’s a shockingly low number of rhyming androids. Now, researchers at the University of Aalto in Finland are taking us one step closer to a world of mechanical MCs with “DeepBeat,” an algorithm-based, computerized system for making hip-hop happen. Rapping is a lot of hard work, you see, and like with many other difficult jobs, some scientists envision a future where we can kick back, and let computers do the rapping for us.

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