Nature Caught in the Crosshairs at Oregon Militia Standoff

A year after Cliven Bundy’s famous face off with feds, self-styled “Patriots” are refusing to bend to the BLM’s environmental regulations.

A scene from the BLM standoff with Cliven Bundy

It’s been a year since a big-bellied, nap-taking, and explicitly racist Nevada rancher named Cliven Bundy incited an armed standoff against the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in southern Nevada. Bundy backlogged $1 million in unpaid grazing fees owed to the BLM (more than all other ranchers combined) for releasing way too many cattle on 578,000 acres of precious public land that’s also the habitat for the endangered desert tortoise. This anniversary is important because the legacy of that confrontation has not been forgotten in the sprawling and unpeopled wild areas blanketing the west. Now, at a gold mine in Oregon, another right-wing group is taking a stand against the BLM, its authority, and its regulations, environmental and otherwise.

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There Could Be a $100 Million Dollar Fortune in NYC’s Sewers

A University of Arizona study shows why we may soon be mining sewage sludge for precious metals

A trip into New York City’s sewers involves a number of well-known hazards: ninja turtles, giant albino alligators, mole people, and of course, rivers of putrid, slimy grease. But now we have to add gold-rush-style grizzled prospectors, industrious methheads and other precious-metal fanatics to the list of unsavory characters one might encounter in the city’s miles of tunnels.

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Your gold fund investments are down about 20 percent year-to-date.
Goldman expects another 20 percent decline through 2014. They've been right so far on their gold call, but wrong on other things (see the video below).
The pros (hedge funds, I guess) have been cutting back their gold exposures since September 2011.
Gold is meant to be a diversifier, not a core holding. It functions as a hedge in your portfolio for two reasons:
1) If you believe the value of the U.S. dollar is declining, you buy gold. Gold holds its value better than the dollar (currency) if the dollar is declining. You can buy more with gold than a dollar.
2) If you believe the economy is going to implode. For the same reason as point #1, people buy gold as a safe haven. Save Haven is this weeks WTF Wall Street Word, stay tuned.
Here are a few other things you need to know if you own gold.
And remember when Trump took a few gold bars for payment instead of $176,000 a few years ago? Me neither.
Here's the video:

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