World’s Largest Indoor Vertical Garden Comes to the Garden State

The AeroFarms facility is bringing millions of pounds of leafy greens, and dozens of green jobs, to Newark.

AerFarms anticipated corporate HQ.

The tri-state area may be in the middle of what some in the Yiddish speaking community call a “massive shvitz” (learn the word, it will come in handy), but that isn’t stopping Newark mayor Ras J. Baraka from going out and getting down and dirty with nature. Tomorrow Baraka, along with acting governor Guadagno, will break ground for the world’s largest indoor vertical farm at the AeroFarms Headquarters at 212 Rome Street.

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Sponsored Post: How Two Small Companies Went Greener—and Kept Products American Made

Two small U.S. businesses found success by staying committed to the environment—and their home turf.

This post is in partnership with UPS

Marlene Zerkel remembers the passage of the North American Free Trade Agreement as a tipping point—and not a good one.

“Three quarters of our suppliers moved to Mexico in a matter of months,” remembers the Detroit-area resident and former owner of garment company All USA Clothing. “We had watched the auto industry go up and down in the 1980s in our city. That’s when we decided to strictly concentrate on American made.”

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