World’s Largest Indoor Vertical Garden Comes to the Garden State

The AeroFarms facility is bringing millions of pounds of leafy greens, and dozens of green jobs, to Newark.

AerFarms anticipated corporate HQ.

The tri-state area may be in the middle of what some in the Yiddish speaking community call a “massive shvitz” (learn the word, it will come in handy), but that isn’t stopping Newark mayor Ras J. Baraka from going out and getting down and dirty with nature. Tomorrow Baraka, along with acting governor Guadagno, will break ground for the world’s largest indoor vertical farm at the AeroFarms Headquarters at 212 Rome Street.

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A Tree Gets Repurposed In Brooklyn

How a group of childhood friends from Minnesota are turning unloved, discarded wood into gorgeous new designs.

Ellis Isenberg, Alexander Bender, Sam Welch, Tim Knight, and Graham Steffen in the Tri-Lox workshop.

Over the last few decades, Brooklyn as a “brand” has become shorthand for young, creative, and talented. One design group that’s managed to stand out in this landscape already saturated with innovative ideas and individuals is Greenpoint’s Tri-Lox studio and millworks. Known in both the fabrication and fine art communities for turning discarded resources—like wood from old barns and demolished buildings—into stunning, handmade designs, their diverse client base ranges from art museums to restaurants to pop stars. One of their most recognizable projects thus far has been a series of interiors for NYC’s fast expanding cult burger joint Shake Shack that, beginning next month, will include a bespoke wood-paneled room for a new London location.

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The Secret to Cheaper, Greener Local Beer

A Minnesota microbrewery has a secret ingredient that makes beer cheaper, cleaner, and more local.

Brewing beer is, in theory, fairly simple. A small farmer can grow all the barley and the hops needed on a little plot of land—it’s easier to grow than corn. And a microbrewery can pump out a few humble barrels of finished beer in anything from a spare room to sprawling warehouse.

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