Thinning the Herd

The Bison of Catalina Island showcase responsible wildlife stewardship

On a perfectly balmy day in the rugged hills of Catalina Island, about an hour off the coast of California, biologist Julie King peers through the crosshairs of a mounted telescope at a pooping bison.

She records the time the droppings hit the ground, the identification tag of the half-ton offender, and which telescope was used to mark the pile’s location. A few minutes later, calling out instructions over the steady hum of planes flying overhead toward island's private airport, she guides fellow biologist Calvin Duncan down to exact location of the dung.

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Compton Cowboys: Meet the Compton Junior Posse

Meet the organization that, in its own words, "keeps kids on horses and off the streets."

Compton, a city on the south side of Los Angeles, is a notoriously difficult place to grow up. As birthplace to many of the gangs that put "gangsta" in "gangsta rap," the city has for decades been plagued by violence, drugs, and other crimes that make life hard for everyone—particularly young people, who are recruited and pressured to join in on all the illicit activity. In response to the allure of gangs, a number of organizations both big and small have popped up to try and keep children off the streets and out of gangs. But there's only one doing it on horseback.

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Mysterious Horses in Central Illinois

About three miles west of Fairbury, Illinois, you'll find a row of bouncy horses in the midst of miles and miles of cornfields.

There's not much to see in Fairbury, Illinois, with one notable exception. About three miles west of town, you'll find a row of about 20 bouncy horses. In the summer when the corn is high, they're hard to spot from the road, but in late October they're the only break in miles and miles of corn fields. Are they an art installation? Teenage prank? It's unclear, but the horses allegedly appeared one by one under cover of night.

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