Last Night’s Jane the Virgin Had a Bold Immigration Reform Subplot

The show’s writers got political last night when they featured a plot twist about deportation.

Jane the Virgin’s Gina Rodriguez captured our hearts, minds and Nielson ratings with her moving Golden Globes acceptance about representation in the media but the actress, and the show’s writers, are wading into more political territory. The soapy telenovela-lite ABC show is big on dramatic plot twists and the characters frequently find themselves in hard-to-believe scenarios (and we expect nothing less from a show about a pregnant virgin). The show hit pretty close to home during last night’s episode with a storyline that was too damn real: a near-deportation of Jane’s grandmother, who was in a coma as the story unfolded. And Jane the Virgin writers were not subtle not about their politics. The show, which uses on-screen text as a narrative device, flashed the hashtag #ImmigrationReform as the doctor informed Xo, Jane’s mother, that the hospital would report abuela to the immigration authorities.

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