Idea: Give Prostitutes Amnesty to Catch a Serial Killer

Might making prostitutes and their clients unafraid of police lead to a serial killer's arrest?

The photo above is of Megan Waterman with her daughter, Lily. Waterman was 22 last year when, after going out one night to work as a prostitute, she was killed. Her body was dumped along with three others on a beach in Long Island. Like Waterman, the three other murder victims had advertised themselves as escorts on Craigslist, leading police to believe they may have a serial killer on their hands.

The problem with trying to catch a killer who kills prostitutes is twofold: Firstly, the public and the authorities frequently don't attack crimes against sex workers the way they do crimes against people in other professions. The prostitute's violent death is seen by many as a penalty for a dangerous life of "sin"—she shouldn't have been a hooker.

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