What Can This Insane 3D Map of Greenland Teach Us About Climate Change?

The Greenland Ice Sheet contains enough water to raise ocean levels by 20 feet, and it’s melting fast.

image via youtube screen capture

As the world looks ahead at a future where climate change may have catastrophic results for our planet and those of us still living on it (who knows, by then maybe we’ll have colonized the moon?) one team of researchers is looking back a few thousand years, and down a few thousand meters, instead. Specifically, they’re looking at—and through—the nearly three million cubic kilometers of frozen water that comprises the Greenland Ice Sheet, the second-largest ice body on the planet.

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12 Days of Architecture: 11 Maps for Haiti

One of Architecture for Humanity's favorite projects of 2012 was the Haiti Rural Mapping Program, creating maps for many regions for the first time.

In homage to one of our favorite holiday tunes, Architecture for Humanity is sharing 12 of our favorite moments of 2012. Day two: our Haiti Rural Mapping Program. \n
In Haiti, many towns, villages, roads, and waterways are not currently located or cataloged on a map, and settlement patterns are currently roughly estimated through aerial and satellite photography. How better to benefit 500,000 people than by making them maps?
With a grant from the WK Kellogg Foundation, Architecture for Humanity is mapping eleven communes across southern and central Haiti: Cavaillon, Maniche, Mirebalais, Saut d'Eau, Boucan Carre, Lachapelle, Arcahaie, Aquin, St Louis du Sud, Cayes, and Ile a Vache.
After months of work, entire days wandering through villages marking coordinates, the Haiti Rebuilding Center survey team completed the first GPS-based maps ever recorded for these communes.

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Localizing Kickstarter: Mapping Mashup Helps Keep Cash Close to Home

ThingsWeStart brings geo logic to Kickstarter data with mapping and alerts for potential donors of nearby projects.

How do you decide which creative projects to back on crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter? Are you compelled by a unique story? Do you just donate to your friends? Or do you like to support projects that bring money and impact back to your hometown?

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Slideshow: The Beautiful and Impactful Aerial Imagery of Grassroots Mapping

The DIY cartography movement of grassroots mapping not only creates stunning imagery, but collects important data that can make a real difference.

Want to learn more about grassroots mapping? Read this post about the burgeoning movement and the Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science.

All images have been dedicated to the Public Domain, or used with permission by the photographers/cartographers.

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