Beyoncé-Inspired Skyscraper to Bring Curvy Beauty to Melbourne

How the singer’s moody music video is helping create an astonishing sixty-eight story tower in one of Australia’s biggest cities.

image via youtube screen capture

All hail queen Bey! Is there anything she can’t do? Trailblazing pop star, feminist thinker, social justice supporter, freakishly always on beat meme-machine… Beyoncé Knowles-Carter is one of those rare icons who has been able to transcend her art form, and apply her celebrity toward any number of other lofty pursuits, inspiring legions of devoted fans along the way. And inspire them she has, including a team of architects who are using Beyoncé’s notoriously curvaceous figure as the basis for their just-approved sixty-eight story skyscraper, set to tower over the streets of Melbourne, Australia in the near future.

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