Jon Stewart Fights to Break Military Veterans Into the TV Industry

For the past three years, The Daily Show host has secretly trained vets on the ins and outs of the entertainment game.

image via (cc) flickr user thejointstaff

Despite being a longstanding, and particularly vocal, critic of the wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan, Daily Show host Jon Stewart has long been an equally vocal supporter of those who serve in our country’s armed forces. He’s performed for the troops in Afghanistan, visited wounded vets at military hospitals, and is even the recipient of the United Service Organization’s Merit Award. For someone so publicly opposed to the last decade’s worth of major military action, Stewart has remained remarkably steadfast in his commitment to men and women in uniform. While Stewart has never hidden his respect and admiration for this country’s soldiers, the degree to which he has actively supported them not only as an entertainer, but also as a personal mentor and career counselor is just beginning to be brought to light.

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