Simon Denny Turned the World’s Most Overused Tech Term into Art

How one artist is using startup culture to pull back the thin veil separating creativity and commerce.

Simon Denny. Installation view of New Management at Portikus, Frankfurt, 2014. Photo Helena Schlichting

To New Zealand artist Simon Denny, success doesn’t equal happiness. The 33-year-old, Berlin-based creative has achieved quite a bit of success—he just mounted a solo exhibition at Museum of Modern Art’s PS1, he is represented by one of New York’s most prestigious galleries, and, next month, he is New Zealand’s entrant in the Venice Biennale. “Success is a complicated thing,” he said over Skype from his studio in Berlin. “For me, it’s just work. It’s rewarding to get projects done that are worth doing. The myth of success is something else than achieving things I want to achieve.”

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