Infographic: The Darker Side of the "Bridge Fuel"

Natural gas is being touted as a "bridge fuel" that can help us move on from coal. But it sure ain't perfect. Here's why.

Natural gas is supposed to be the "bridge fuel" that helps power our refrigerators and flatscreens and factories while we transition from the filthy fossil fuels of the past to the clean, renewable energy of the future. As I've written before, the conventional wisdom, even among the Big Greens and Capitol Hill-connected progressives, is that "natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel." (That, for instance, is a quote from John Podesta, the CEO and President of the Center for American Progress, and the very quintessence of liberal Beltway conventional wisdom.) But with all this attention comes a spotlight. The fuel is facing increasing scrutiny and some pretty ugly revelations have surfaced in the past few months about this alleged "bridge fuel."

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