Flavor Flav Wants to Get His High School Diploma (and Inspire Other Dropouts)

The Public Enemy hypeman and reality TV star dropped out of 10th grade. Now he's headed back to school and wants to film his experience.

Flavor Flav wants to get his high school diploma. The 51 year-old VH1 reality show star and hypeman of iconic hip hop super group Public Enemy dropped out of school in the tenth grade. Now he plans to finally get his degree, and, of course, film a reality show documenting his experience. But, before you start picturing a train-wreckish education version of Flavor of Love or The Surreal Life, understand that Flav has good intentions: If you're a dropout, he wants you to get your degree too.

Flav—real name William Drayton, Jr—told news outlet WQAD, "I want this show to be able to influence people my age, that if you dropped out of high school when you were young it's never too late to go back to get your diploma."

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