Cancer is still the second leading cause of death after heart disease for both men and women. The American Cancer Society predicts that 2020 will bring almost 1.8 million new cancer cases and 600,000 cancer deaths, but there's also some good news. The American Cancer Society recently published a report in CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians stating the U.S. cancer death rates experienced the largest-single year decline ever reported.

Between 2016 and 2017, cancer death rates fell by 2.2%. While cancer death rates have been steadily falling over the past three decades, it's normally by 1.5% a year. Cancer death rates have dropped by 29% since 1991, which means that there have been 2.9 million fewer cancer deaths in the past three decades than there would have been if the mortality rate had remained constant.

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Anti-Tobacco Efforts Skyrocket After Thailand Introduces Ink Made From Diseased Smokers’ Lungs

For Thailand’s new anti-smoking campaign, the medium is literally the message

image via vimeo screen capture

Smoking is unquestionably awful for you. It fills your lungs with chemicals, causes cancer, and can lead to heart disease, emphysema, and even strokes. Slightly less certain, though, is the most effective method for quitting cigarettes, once you’ve become hooked.

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Can John Oliver Make “Jeff, The Diseased Lung In A Cowboy Hat” Big Tobacco’s New Mascot?

The #JeffWeCan campaign mixes iconic mascot imagery with realistic health complications

image via youtube screen capture // last week tonight with john oliver: Tobacco (HBO)

That the tobacco industry spent decades cajoling, manipulating, and downright lying to the American public regarding the dangers of smoking is beyond question. Fortunately, thanks to ongoing efforts by both lawmakers and activist groups, the health risks posed by smoking are now common knowledge in the United States, and as a result, domestic tobacco use has dropped significantly. No, it’s not a problem solved, but given the degree to which tobacco use was once considered an indisputable facet of American life, it’s truly impressive progress.

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