Depressing New Report Connects TV Binge Watching With Depression

Watching hour after hour of the same TV show is linked to depression, lonliness, and impulse control issues.

image via (cc) flickr user alvi2047

It’s pretty well understood that watching a lot of television probably isn’t all that good for you, but that hasn’t stopped many of us from setting up camp on the sofa to bask in the cold electric glow of the TV for hours on end. A March 2014 Nielsen report determined that the average American spends five hours a day watching live TV, with plenty more screen time spent on computers, phones, and tablets. And now, thanks to streaming services like Netflix and Amazon, we can up our TV consumption to near-limitless amounts, with whole seasons – entire series, even – at our disposal. Yes, we’ve had DVD and VHS box sets for years, but those required switching the disc or cassette every few episodes – Now we’re able to absorb an entire show without ever having to get off the couch (bladder permitting).

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