Sandwiches of America: A 50-State Tour of GOOD Sammies

51 GOOD sammies to rep the United States and its capital city.

To celebrate GOOD sandwich week, we asked you to nominate the official GOOD sandwich for your state—the most sustainably produced, culturally significant, locally assembled sandwiches across this great nation. The nominations rolled in, the sammies duked it out, and we've named the winners. We hope you're hungry: It's lunchtime somewhere.

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The United States of GOOD Sandwiches: The Nominations

Nominate the culturally-significant, locally-sourced GOOD sandwich to represent your state!

What is the official GOOD sandwich of your home state? Last week, we asked you—along with some of the best food bloggers from Alaska to Florida—to weigh in on the most culturally significant, locally-sourced sammies from each state. Thankfully, GOOD's readers are as invested in convenience-eating as our staff is, and the nominations for iconic bread-based constructions are rolling in!

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Wraps Are Seriously the Worst

GOOD investigates the bastardization of the burrito.

Here at GOOD sandwich week headquarters, one of several lunch-related controversies splitting the office revolves around the question: Is a wrap a sandwich? Staunch advocates have emerged on both sides of this issue, but I’m staying out of it. The wrap defies culinary classification. It's barely even food.

A wrap is classically defined as sandwich filling that, instead of being stuffed between two pieces of bread, is rolled in a unified tortilla-like exterior. In practice, it's a salad burdened with damp meats and cheeses and confined in a waxy green tortilla. In an attempt to lend an air of dignity to the wrap, bonus points are awarded if the filling includes multiple yuppie foods from any era: sun-dried tomatoes, goat cheese, ponzu. Most wraps don't even attempt to clear this lowly culinary barrier. Chicken Caesar dominates the arena.

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