Hen-Deprived Urbanites Can Now Rent Chickens

A string of new businesses are bringing fluffy birds and farm-fresh eggs to a backyard near you.

Photo by Elias Gayles via Flickr

If you love eggs, but fear commitment, maybe it’s time to consider renting some chickens. Recent news reports from Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Ontario have highlighted the growing trend of chicken rental businesses, allowing ovo-curious suburbanites to collect farm-fresh eggs daily in their own backyards. With the rise of urban farming and the local food movement, many non-rural people are experimenting with the birds and the bees to mixed results; for those looking to make their lives a little more farm-y, just interested in a seasonal project or even seeking an interesting pet, renting hens, along with a complete suite of supplies, might be the answer. Last week, the Chicago Daily Herald covered the phenomenon with the story of Kellie Burke, whose company, Urban Chicken Rentals, has been expanding in the Illinois suburbs. “It's becoming more and more popular,” Burke told the Daily Herald. “It's not just a trend. People are changing their lifestyles and taking control over their food.”

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