6 statement-making shirts you can buy to show your support for Hong Kong protestors

Words like "freedom" and "democracy" get thrown around so much that it's easy to forgot how much they really mean. Anyone following the ongoing protests inside Hong Kong is seeing firsthand what real bravery looks like in the face of fear. Yes, there is some nuance in the overall debate about China'a role in governing Hong Kong. But there can be no debating the freedom, dignity and human rights every person on this planet is entitled to.

If you believe in freedom of expression, and if you care about the ongoing struggles in Hong Kong, then it's important to make your voice heard. After all, even in the United States there has been an embarrassing willingness on the part of some organizations like the National Basketball Association to stifle freedom of speech when it comes to fans sharing their support for those brave souls making their voices heard thousands of miles away from the safety of a NBA arena.

Here are 6 of our favorite Hong Kong protest shirts. None of them are offensive or inappropriate but every single one makes a simple statement about supporting the real people and voices at stake in Hong Kong. We've also thrown in a link to a compelling documentary on the crisis that you can watch for free. Please chime in the comments with suggestions on other ways people can get involved. Make your voice heard! That's what democracy is all about.

A subtle and tasteful shirt representing the Hong Kong official flower

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Hong Kong Flag | Bauhinia Orchid Flower HK China Poster Art Kowloon Asia T-Shirt, $12.95; at Amazon

Liberate Hong Kong | Revolution of our Times T-Shirt

Liberate Hong Kong Revolution of our Times Support HK Shirt T-Shirt, $19.99; on Amazon

Umbrella Revolution T-Shirt

Free Hong Kong - Umbrella Revolution Protest T-Shirt, $19.99; available in 8 different colors on Amazon

Stand With Hong Kong

Stand With Hong Kong Flag Shirts Pro Democracy Shirt Gifts T-Shirt, $18.99; on Amazon

Free Hong Kong | Democracy Now

Free Hong Kong Democracy Now HK independence Flag T-Shirt, $19.99; on Amazon

Free Hong Kong | Resist Fist

Free Hong Kong - Resist Fist With Hong Kong Flag T-Shirt, $15.99; on Amazon

Rebellion: On the Frontlines of Hong Kong's Uprising

And finally, it's not just about wearing stylish and persuasive clothing that conveys our belief in freedom. We must be able to articulate our understanding behind the principles and news events shaping events on the ground in Hong Kong. That's why we highly recommend this short documentary (51 minutes) from Sophie McNeill. It's free to view if you are an Amazon Prime member.

Rebellion: On the Frontlines of Hong Kong's Uprising, $3.99 or free with Amazon Prime membership; on Amazon

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