Millions Of Women Face Astonishing Pain When They Have Sex. Why Don’t Their Doctors Take Them Seriously?

A writer ventures out of his “male bubble” to find a medical jungle crowded with toxic treatments, false diagnoses, and shame.

The case of the vulva that stabbed itself

BRITTANY JONES HAS BEEN TRYING TO SOLVE A MYSTERY since she was 17 years old: Why did having sex feel like getting stabbed?

“I remember the first time,” she says. Now 26, the inquisitive Los Angeles-based actor who asks me not to use her real name says that back then, she was just striving for digital penetration. Even so, there was “this feeling of a knife. I literally mean a sharp pain.”

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This Inspiring Project Aims To Bring Clean Water To A Million Kids In Kenya

Nearly 40% of Kenya’s 48 million people drink and bathe with water from unclean sources.

Here in Western Kenya, it’s hot enough for Mikkel Vestergaard Frandsen to have a ring of sweat around his collar. It’s almost always hot enough here to need constant hydration. Vestergaard Frandsen takes a sip of water from a water bottle and leaps like a lion in front of a murmuring crowd of students in candy-colored blue and pink uniforms.

“Jambo! Habari zenu!” bellows Vestergaard Frandsen to the nearly 1,000 students at St. Teresa Sio Roman Catholic Primary School in Bungoma, a remote county in western Kenya. It’s simple Kiswahili — just the phrase for “Hello, how are you all?” — but it sounds funny coming from the mouth of a Danish “mzungu” white person. Giggles chitter through the student body.

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Scientists Stunned By One Man's Successful Fight To Save An Island

Killer plants are invading. His response: We don’t want no shrubs.

Felicité island in the Seychelles archipelago near Madagascar. Photo by Maxwell Williams.


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Don’t Buy Into The Food Industry’s Ridiculous ‘Holiday’ Scams

We don’t need a special holiday for Melba toast

Did you know that, in 1925, the Mayo Brothers recommended something called the “18-Day Reducing Diet” to Ethel Barrymore? Or that the “18-Day Reducing Diet” included melba toast, which basically kick-started an early food trend?

We didn’t either.

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