Bricks and Mortar in the City of Angels

The structures of Angeleno faith appear in stunning photographs.

Shelter, in its most basic form, is about physical protection from nature and the elements. Yet throughout history, man has built structures that offer solace for the spirit as well. Within the built environment of the modern city, the various architectures of churches and temples tell different stories: Some point upward to the sky, while some direct all traffic in through the front door. Some attract second looks with their ornamentation, while some warn the uninitiated to walk on by. And some, quite frankly, tell us that this was the most affordable space available.

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California's New Vertical Driver Licenses Solve (Part of) a Problem

It just got easier for bartenders, bouncers and liquor store clerks in California to tell if someone is underage. Meet the vertical I.D. card.

I look (and I am) older than 21. Nonetheless, I still occasionally get stuck at the checkout counter while the clerk hunts around my driver's license for my birthdate.

The "birthdate hunt" might be a thing of the past with California's clever new drivers licenses and I.D. cards.

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