The Mysterious Medicinal Powers of Camel Milk

Dromedary drama among a vocal subculture of parents with autistic kids

For most of his life, Dan Garfinkel has hardly been able to visit loved ones in the hospital for fear of getting seriously ill himself. The 40-year-old real estate worker has a sensitive case of celiac disease, which damages the digestive system and causes a spectrum of nasty symptoms. It weakened Garfinkel’s immune system so that any exposure to a virus could send him to bed for weeks.

Besides a long series of medications, he tried alternative-healing methods: chiropractic care and acupuncture for his aching joints, kinesiology therapy for his muscles, Chinese herbal treatments for his indigestion and fatigue—all with disappointing results. Then he read about a young man in Vancouver, British Columbia, who had recovered from a parasitic infection by drinking raw camel milk.

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Yesterday, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration released new graphic warning labels that will soon grace every pack of smokes sold in the United States. In recent years, gruesome photos of smoking's physical effects have commandeered significant surface area on cigarette packs around the world. The new U.S. warnings will eat up 50 percent of both the front and rear panels of each pack; in Brazil, one full panel on each pack is covered with a warning.

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