New Initiative Aims to Make Tech Cool to Teenage Girls

Tech Girls Rock wants to educate and empower girls to get involved in tech fields.

A new generation of girls will soon be exposed to a variety of tech-related educational and career opportunities thanks to Tech Girls Rock, a new program announced today at the Clinton Global Initiative. The project, spearheaded by Boys & Girls Clubs of America and IT management software and solutions giant CA Technologies, wants to take the nerd factor away from technology while educating girls in 10 cities about the opportunities available in the field.

The lack of women in tech is a well known issue, but the disparity is particularly jarring because women have made up the majority of college students since the early 1980s and have earned more college degrees since 1996. Russell M. Artzt, vice chairman and co-founder of CA Technologies, says his company made the decision to donate $1 million to the initiative because companies are "finding a huge scarcity of females in technology, particularly in computer science."

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