Expandable Shoes Adapt to Fit the Feet of Growing Children

How “practical compassion” helped create innovative footwear for impoverished kids around the globe.

image via youtube screen capture

Most of us probably take for granted how easy it is to simply walk into a shoe store, get an accurate measurement of our foot size, and leave with a perfectly fitting pair of sneakers, pumps, sandals, or boots. That’s not, however, a luxury afforded to many in the developing world.

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The Empathy Mirror

Recent discoveries in neurofeedback can teach you to be less of a dick.

In 2004, a Jewish woman living in Tel Aviv wrote a letter to a Palestinian woman she had never met. “This, for me is one of the most difficult letters I will ever have to write,” she began. “My name is Robi Damelin. I am the mother of David who was killed by your son.” Over the course of the letter, Damelin explained the unbearable anguish of losing her son, a soldier who was hit by sniper fire at a military roadblock. She acknowledged the pain of the Palestinian woman, whose own son was now condemned to a long jail sentence, and expressed her fragile trust in dialogue and reconciliation. Concluding, she wrote, “I hope that you will show the letter to your son, and that maybe in the future we can meet. Let us put an end to the killing and look for a way through mutual understanding and empathy to live a normal life, free of violence.”

Though in overwhelming personal pain, Damelin was still able to find emotional common ground, and use it to create a connection with another parent, spanning one of the world’s most acrimonious political divides. Damelin now works with The Parents Circle, a support group of Israeli and Palestinian parents who have lost family members to the ongoing conflict, but are still intent on working towards reconciliation and peace. The Parents Circle brings these families together in the hope that, united by grief, their similarities will outweigh their differences. Both Damelin’s letter and the efforts of The Parents Circle are examples of the potential of empathy.

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Wait, the Dalai Lama Supports the Killing of Bin Laden?

In a speech in Los Angeles, the Tibetan leader was asked about the Bin Laden killing. His answer suggests he might be OK with it.

The Dalai Lama has now weighed in on whether the United States was right to kill Osama Bin Laden, albeit in kind of vague terms.

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