Joe Biden handled Trump's Covid-19 diagnosis with presidential dignity and grace

When Joe Biden is inaugurated on January 20th many people will let out either a sigh of relief or resignation — Silicon Valley however, will continue holding its breath.

Over the last four years, Big Tech has been an enormous part of the debate over democracy, free speech, and the uncertain future we're hurtling into. Disinformation, hate groups, radicalization and widespread shirking of responsibility have all been hallmarks of Silicon Valleys journey through the outgoing administration. This is a far cry from goodwill that they were afforded as companies that built their empires on harmless mission statements promising to "connect the world".

Despite being hauled into endless investigations, congressional hearings and pledging outwardly to fix the glaring issues deep within their practices — Big Tech has more or less gotten away with the bare minimum due to an administration that was often so unable to grasp what these companies did, that they could hardly manage any meaningful oversight.

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