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Sin City is doing something good for its less fortunate citizens as well as those who've broken the law this month. The city of Las Vegas, Nevada will drop any parking ticket fines for those who make a donation to a local food bank.

A parking ticket can cost up to $100 in Las Vegas but the whole thing can be forgiven by bringing in non-perishable food items of equal or greater value to the Parking Services Offices at 500 S. Main Street through December 16.

The program is designed to help the less fortunate during the holidays.

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What If Government Took Food Waste Seriously? Well, the EU Does

As individuals, we can all do our part to reduce food waste. But systemic change needs national leadership.

Last fall, employees at Jim Durst’s farm in Yolo County, California, harvested about 30 bins full of oddly-shaped organic butternut squash. These gourds would never see the inside of a grocery store—they had curvy necks or bulbous heads, making them unfit for big retail buyers. On some farms, this perfectly good organic squash might have been left in the field to rot. But Durst, and some other farmers like him, take the trouble to pick it so it can be donated to a local food bank.

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Forty Percent of Our Food Ends Up in the Trash

New data suggests the average American wastes 20 pounds of food every month. What can we do about that?

The Natural Resources Defense Council this week issued a set of research to make any member of the Clean Plate Club cringe: Forty percent of food produced in the United States ends up in a landfill. That's a whole lot of leftovers.

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