Helicopter Parenting Comes in for a Landing

Helicopter parenting may be coming in for a landing as more and more parents are embracing a growing movement to restore play.

When I became a parent, I was stunned to discover the crazy world of kid-scheduling. Every afternoon, there had to be something: sports, play-dates, ballet, drama camp, and various other activities for little explorers, dancers, chefs, buddings entomologists, and acrobats. Granted I live in San Francisco, one of the helicopter-parent capitals of the world, but this seemed extreme and honestly, ridiculous. When I was a kid, we played after school. We rode bikes and explored backyards and canyons. We even, god forbid, walked home from school. Without adult supervision.

Too many parents today feel compelled to seek out constant opportunities to stimulate their children, worried, it seems that a free afternoon will stunt their children's intellectual and creative development. But there's growing evidence to suggest that parents should step away from the carpool and just let their kids come home and read a book or dig in the yard.

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