The Entire Country of Sri Lanka is About to Get Balloon-Based Internet, Thanks to Google

“Project Loon” will make Sri Lanka the first nation on earth to enjoy complete, coast-to-coast 3G coverage.

image via google/project loon

The island nation of Sri Lanka has just signed a major contract to become the first country on earth to enjoy complete, nationwide 3G internet coverage, and they’re doing it all with balloons. Yes, balloons. Specifically, 13 of them, floating high above the Indian Ocean, bobbing in the stratosphere, to ensure the entire country of over 21 million people can get online.

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Former Employee Highlighted Pay Inequality at Google by Publishing Company Salaries

How one woman investigated painful disparities inside the enormous company—all with a simple document.

A google nap pod. image via Flickr user Joe Loong.

For many people, Google is the workplace of dreams. A place where you can sit on giant bouncing balls while speculating about immortal robots and eating complimentary Asian fusion cronuts. But for others, including former Google engineer Erica Baker, it’s a place marked by “not great trends,” including potential disparities in pay dependent on gender and ethnicity. Just recently, Baker decided to test her hypothesis, and encouraged everyone to post their salaries to a public document, investigating key inequities in the process.

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Fear And Loathing in Las Vegas + “Deep Dream” Code = Woah, Dude.

People Are Doing Mind-Bending Things With Google’s New Code

A few days ago, Google released “Deep Dream” to the public. As you might recall, that’s the crazy code that uses image recognition technique to create absolutely insane, hallucinatory landscapes and portraits. Now that it’s in the wild, people are using it in some increasingly creative ways, like running an already trippy movie scene through the code and recording the results. The following is what happens when combining “Deep Dream” and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

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What Animal Are You?—Google’s Doodle for Earth Day 2015

Dr. Jane Goodall may be a whooping crane, but what are you?

Edward Norton. Image via Flickr User David Brossard

Wednesday, April 22 is Earth Day. To celebrate this well-intentioned day of days, Edward Norton found out he is a pangolin. Jared Leto—a wooly mammoth.

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