via Facebook / Autumn Dayss

Facebook user and cosplayer Autumn Dayss has stirred up a bit of Halloween controversy with her last-minute costume, an anti-Vaxx mother.

An image she posted to the social network shows a smiling Dayss wearing a baby carrier featuring a small skeleton. "Going to a costume party tonight as Karen and her non-vaccinated child," the caption over the image reads.

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Buckets are the New Pumpkins

Do you annually waste nourishing squash flesh on bourgeois porch displays? Jettison the traditional jack-o’-lantern with this one simple trick

Illustration by Ben Sanders

They say the first jack-o’-lanterns were carved from turnips centuries ago, carried through the evening by Halloween revelers or left in windows to ward off restive spirits. But caught up in the eerie proceedings and unmatched joy of carving root vegetables, these superstitious louts and lasses—likely drunk on elderberry wine and logy from eating too much lamb—were unknowingly summoning another kind of evil, one that would come back year after year to haunt the world for generations on end. I’m talking, of course, about the horrors of Halloween food waste.

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5 Tales of Halloween Heartbreak

A conversation about growing up in the U.S. without celebrating national dress-up-and-get-free-candy day

Illustration by Addison Eaton

It’s too late for me. I’m almost 23 years old—long past the age where it’s appropriate. I have no kids of my own and I don’t particularly enjoy the company of children. So, in addition to going to prom, getting drunk on grad night, and loving Bruce Springsteen, it seems like I’ll have to add trick-or-treating to the long list of Great American traditions I will never experience.

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Just What You Need For Halloween, A Bookshelf That Doubles as a Coffin

Eco-conscious repurposing gets a morbid twist.

We here at GOOD are all for repurposing objects, but who knew that bookshelves that double as coffins are a thing? Just in time for Halloween, Jeff O'Neal, editor at Book Riot stumbled across one from Ibis, a funeral products company in The Netherlands.

While you're alive, the coffin innocuously holds your dog-eared copies of Dracula and Frankenstein, like so:

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