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Binders Full of Women vs. Big Bird: Top Halloween Costume of 2012?

What do you think the top searched Halloween costumes will be this year?

Each Halloween, the most popular costumes tend to be dictated by the news of the day. What's going on in pop culture, politics, and the world will usually determine how people get dressed on October 31. To figure out what's in the collective Halloween consciousness, Google is the best measure. The most searched costume in Google is traditionally the most popular attire out on the streets.

It seems like so long ago that a creepy, tutu'd Natalie Portman gave her stellar performance in Black Swan, or Charlie Sheen gave an equally crowd stopping appearance on ABC's 20/20, hopped up on Tiger's Blood, but those were two trends that made last year's top Googled Halloween searches. Others included Angry Birds, Playboy Bunny, Nicki Minaj, Smurfette, Wilfred, Monster High, Tron, Captain America, Pan Am, and Rapunzel.

This year it's shaping up to be all about politics. Binders full of women will be out en mass, while Big Bird will also make many an appearance. The East Coast's "Frankenstorm" may likely inspire some random-acts-of-nature outfits. But your guess is most likely better than ours.

What do you think the top searched Halloween costumes will be this year? Cast your vote in the comments below. If you're going to get decked out this year, be sure to share a picture with us on Twitter with hashtag #GOODHalloween. We will retweet our favorite get-ups.

Photo via (cc) Flickr user San Diego Shooter

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