The Best (or Worst) Outbreak Movies to Watch While in Self-Imposed Quarantine

A panicky film primer for the Ebola zombie pandemic sure to … oh my god, look out behind you!

It’s very unlikely that you’re among the 48 people in Dallas quarantined after exposure to Ebola (breathe easy—most have already been released). There are hundreds on watch lists in the United States, but thousands actually suffering the virus’ real and devastating impacts in West Africa.

What most Americans have been exposed to is a mad case of fear-bola, what CNN calls an “epic, epidemic overreaction.” So, if you are going to lock your doors and hide from Ebola, why not let the fear completely envelop you? It’s almost Halloween, and we’ll all be dead one day, anyway. (Or zombies. We’ll probably all be zombies.) So study what it will be like when humans lose their humanity and take note of the weapons you’ll need. (Those new CDC recommendations sure as hell aren’t going to protect you from brain-eaters, sucka.)