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What the hell should we do with Michael Jackson?

Jackson was, without a doubt, one of the most electrifying performers to ever step foot on a stage. His music is timeless. His videos are some of the most creative ever produced, and his dance moves were out of this world.

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Should Schools Go Back to 1983 Technology?

A class of suburban Chicago sixth graders gives up the internet, cable TV, and cell phones for a week—and survives.

Could you survive for a week without your smartphone, your iPod, or your new Michael Jackson Experience video game? If not, trust me, I understand. I'm ashamed to admit that my BlackBerry sleeps under my pillow. However, a classroom of suburban Chicago sixth graders managed to give up all the gadgets and technology that make our modern world go around, and guess what? They're still alive.

Inspired by a language arts unit on the "human condition," one of the students, Kelley Powell, came up with the tech abstinence experiment. Powell's teacher, Jennifer Coombs, told the Beacon-News, "Kelley e-mailed me with the suggestion that we go technology-free for a week. I asked the rest of the kids what they thought, and it sparked a great deal of enthusiasm. Over 90 percent of my students opted to take part in this.”

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Michael Jackon Earns Big Bucks from Beyond List: The Top Earning Dead Celebrities

Michael Jackson's stock is on the rise due to shrewd moves by his estate. Find out what other celebrities are having a profitable economic afterlife.

Sad as it sounds, the truth is, sometimes it pays to be dead. Forbes Magazine released their annual list of the Top Earning Dead Celebrities.

Michael Jackson blew away the competition pulling in $275 million. More than that, he blew away the live competition too, earning more than the two top grossing music acts combined, U2 and AC/DC. His posthumous profit is also more than Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Madonna, and Jay-Z combined according to Forbes.

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