See the World Rebalancing with PopTech's Data Viz App

Make your own New York Times "news memory map" and plug into data from young people in the developing world.

This year's PopTech conference in Camden, Maine is exploring how the world is "rebalancing" from volatile times to a new equilibrium, one we can't quite predict or grasp just yet. So naturally, organizers built a slick new iPad app to help us sort it all out.

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Fifteen Innovators Championing Global Development

Fifteen social pioneers using technology to change the world, one community at a time.


What if Scientists Were Like Celebrities? PopTech 2011 Science and Public Leadership Fellows Announced

Forget boring, irrelevant scientists. This crop of nerds will wow you.

Scientists don't rise to celebrity status that often, and for good reason. Many would rather spend their extra hours in the research lab rather than courting public favor. But what if there was a middle ground and scientists could serve as public leaders, shepharding their research through public debates? Would we make fewer stupid decisions?

"Visible scientific leaders shouldn’t be a rarity," says Andrew Zolli, executive director of PopTech. His group's Science and Public Leadership Fellowship takes a creative approach to helping science and technology.

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FLOW: An App That Helps Nonprofits Make Sure Their Projects Are Working

Installing water pumps in the developing world is great, but nonprofits often forget to make sure they're still working. FLOW provides a solution.

So lets say you want to help people in Malawi get access to clean water. Simple, right? You just set up some pumps, pat yourself on the back, and head home. But what if they break?

According to Ned Breslin, the CEO of the nonprofit Water for People, organizations that are great at setting up water points often drop the ball when it comes to following up and making sure they work. To address that problem, Water for People developed an Android app called FLOW that lets them keep tabs on the pumps they've installed.

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