What You Missed at PopTech, Day Two What You Missed at PopTech, Day Two

What You Missed at PopTech, Day Two

by Peter Smith

October 26, 2010

The 2010 PopTech Conference continued with more accidents, failures, and breakthroughs on Friday. Here's a brief selection of Friday's highlights:

  • Elizabeth Dunn says that money impedes our ability to savor pleasure, even when it comes to seeing a big bundle of cash on the outside of a candy bar wrapper.
  • Orlagh O'brien presented a fascinating set of images mapping people's view of emotions called Emotionally}Vague.
  • Stephanie Coontz says that marriage historically had nothing to do with love between man and woman and suggested that "marriage was invented to get in-laws."
  • Jennifer Thompson-Cannino and Ronald Cotton told both sides of a very compelling story of a rape, a false conviction, and the story of forgiveness.
  • Patrick Meier and Josh Nesbit presented their mobile crowd-sourced crisis information map created in response to the earthquake in Haiti called Mission 4636.
  • OK Go closed out the day with a performance with hand bells. [

See the day one round-up here. More highlights can be found on the PopTech blog. Follow the conversation on twitter at #poptech.

 Top image: Visualization of Joy by Orlagh O'brien.

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What You Missed at PopTech, Day Two