"Seventy percent of the Earth is covered with water, now you camp on it!" proudly declares Smithfly on the website for its new camping boat — the Shoal Tent.

Why have we waited so long for camping equipment that actually lets us sleep on the water? Because it's an awful idea, that's why.

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Convertible Sleeping Bags Turn Into Insulated Tents For The Homeless

A team of students devised a compact, low-cost shelter for homeless people during winter.

Image via College of Engineering/Carnegie Mellon University.

When blizzards line up to rip through the Northeast, schools close, flights are canceled, and people even board up their houses. Though missions and homeless shelters do what they can to provide safety to those who have no homes to go to, thousands of people still have to weather the cold outside.

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Intermission: Game-changing 'Tent' Made From Concrete Canvas

British company Concrete Canvas Ltd. has developed a new cement-infused fabric that hardens to form a durable, fire and water proof surface. The rapi


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