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There's always some type of bickering that goes on between the generations and, these days, it's between Baby Boomers and Millenials. The Baby Boomers claim that Millenials are entitled. Which is pretty funny, because Millenials were raised by Boomers.

On the other hand, Millenials believe that Boomer selfishness helped create a world where it's harder for younger people to get by.

Regardless of who's right in the fight, the truth is that Millennials are on a much shakier financial footing than their parents.

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Are Millennials Less Committed to the Environment Than Baby Boomers?

A new study says yes. But maybe it's just asking the wrong questions.

So, Millennials, are we green, or are we not?

We believe that climate change exists and that humans are causing it. We support alternative energy and stricter environmental regulations. We’ll pay more for environmentally friendly products.

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Video: We All Want to Be Young

"We All Want to Be Young" attempts to distill the essence of three generations of youth culture.

In the admirable new short form documentary "We All Want to Be Young," the Brazilian research company Box1824—which specializes in "behavioral sciences and consumer trends"—attempts to distill the essence of youth culture in modernity, charting the evolution of cool from the Baby Boomers to Generation X to the Millennials.


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