Video: We All Want to Be Young

"We All Want to Be Young" attempts to distill the essence of three generations of youth culture.

In the admirable new short form documentary "We All Want to Be Young," the Brazilian research company Box1824—which specializes in "behavioral sciences and consumer trends"—attempts to distill the essence of youth culture in modernity, charting the evolution of cool from the Baby Boomers to Generation X to the Millennials.


What stands out most about the Millennials might not be the dissolution of social groups or boundaries, but that we possess an unrivaled propensity for conspicuous navel-gazing. That said, our generation's willful surrender of privacy will, for better or worse, shape our collective consciousness. Though, as this video points out, by the time we make heads or tails of ourselves, there will be a whole new crop of young things changing the world.

I do enjoy that the narrator sounds like a sentient South American computer feigning the accent of an American human.