Intermission: Bridging The Generational Divide

German photographer Frauke Theilking shows the differences and similarities between parents and children in a striking photo series.

"Generation" is a photography series created by German photographer and artist Frauke Theilking to demonstrate the differences and similarities between generations. Theilking focused on mother/daughter and father/son pairs, staging them with no distractions from clothing or background.

While many people want to separate themselves as much as possible from their parents, whether by changing appearance or moving away, Theilking’s photos are a reminder that we can never fully escape familial bonds.

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Tradition is not taken lightly in Tom Nestor Jr.’s family. “My grandfather, father, and numerous uncles are members in the firehouse, or were,” Nestor says proudly. So, once Nestor turned 16, he rushed to join the ranks of the very same Point Breeze Fire Department that he had basically grown up in. Now 17 years old, Nestor is the acting chief’s aide within New York’s Breezy Point volunteer fire department, committed to not only upholding his family’s legacy but also to protecting the greater Breezy community. In celebration of Fire Prevention Month, GOOD is partnering with Nest to share the personal stories of Point Breeze Volunteer Fire Department. Here, we take a closer look into the life of Tom Nestor Jr.; his firehouse, what motivates him each day as a volunteer firefighter, and the daily struggles and triumphs of his profession.

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