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Photo: Erik McGregor/LightRocket via Getty Images/Common Dreams

The national think tank Demos and 115 progressive organizations on Wednesday unveiled the Frontlines Climate Justice Executive Action Platform, which urges the next president of the United States to urgently take steps that "address continuing disparities, establish greater accountability for a just transition, and lay groundwork for systemic changes needed to end fossil fuel dependency and build a just and equitable renewable energy future."

The presidential policy agenda, directed at President Donald Trump or presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden, comes with just over three months left until the November general election and in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. The United States remains a global hotspot for the crisis, with more than 3.9 million confirmed cases—which is likely far below the number of actual infections—and over 142,000 deaths nationwide.

"In the face of continued crises of police violence, a global pandemic, and economic collapse, one lesson is clear: Black and brown communities are consistently marginalized and subjected to chronic and deadly inequities, so long as they remain excluded from public investment and decision-making power," Demos president K. Sabeel Rahman said in statement Wednesday.

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