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How you can get involved in the Global Climate Strike

How you can get involved in the Global Climate Strike

September 20th marks the beginning of a pivotal push for the future of our planet. The Global Climate Strike will set the stage for the United Nations Climate Action Summit, where more than 60 nations are expected to build upon their commitment to 2015's Paris Agreement for combating climate change.

Millions of people are expected to take part in an estimated 4,000 events across 130 countries.

"If not you, then who? If not now, then when?"

Part of what will make Friday's kickoff events so vital is the support coming from major companies, unions, elected officials, and other public leaders. From

"Globally, 72 trade unions and federations are supporting the climate strike, with unions in Quebec and Italy taking formal strike action to join the youth school strikers. In the U.S., workers in major tech companies like Amazon, Facebook, and Microsoft are walking out of work to demand their companies take real action on climate change."

"6,300 websites, including Kickstarter, Tumblr, and Tor will be green-screening their sites and directing visitors to the climate strike website as part of the Digital Climate Strike."

"Globally, over 2,500 businesses are supporting the strikes — from those going all out, like Patagonia and Lush, with poster-making areas in their stores or closing their doors for the day completely, to others allowing workers to walk out for a short period to join the strike."

"In the United States, a monumental mobilisation will see over 1,000 protests across the country, taking #StrikeWithUs outside of the major cities to every corner of the nation. New York public schools have given permission for all 1.1 million students to skip classes!"

"Friday will be an extraordinary show of global power — one that will have an enormous impact on local fights for climate justice everywhere. Organisers who have been leading fights against dangerous fossil fuel projects and defending their communities from the growing impact of extreme weather will be on strike to say that climate justice requires bold local action from every level of government.There are important ways to get involved for nearly person on the planet. You can march for change directly or even lend your voice through social media and other outlets."

  • We'll be bringing you live coverage of the climate strikes from on the ground in New York City and from participating strikes across the globe.
  • has more information on how you can get directly involved in a climate strike event and has easy to use tools on how to help spread the word.
  • Fridays for Future also has an interactive map of where climate strike events will be taking place that you can use here.

The fate of our planet is at stake. This is beyond politics, culture, or tribes. We only have one planet and it's our responsibility to help save it together.

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