Is the Beer You’re Drinking Problematic?

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Illustration by Tyler Hoehne

Mike Babb was born in Golden, Colorado, in the shadow of the monolithic Coors Brewing Company. He worked at Coors for 20 years, the third generation of his family to do so. During what he calls a sabbatical, he went to Weihenstephan, part of the Technical University of Munich in Germany, where he learned the craft of a master brewer. After teaching at the Siebel Institute, a prestigious brewing program in Chicago, Babb relocated to Michigan. He helped design a new joint higher education degree program at the Kalamazoo Valley Community College and Western Michigan University that’s set to kick off later this year: a four-year Bachelor’s degree in sustainable brewing. The first 30 credit hours at KVCC will give the students a brewing certificate, with hands on classes in an experimental brewing kitchen, along with an associate’s degree that they can transfer to WMU for a more rigorous scientific focus in the second two years.

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Judge Rules Town Must Allow “Atheist Reason Station” in City Hall

When it comes to equal rights for atheists, you can fight city hall. Or at least put a booth in it

image via (cc) flickr user trommetter

If you’re headed to Warren, Michigan, and feel the need for some thoughtful philosophical conversation, you could do worse than to check out the town’s city hall. There you’ll soon find local resident Douglas Marshall at his “Reason Station,” where you can engage with Marshall in a spirited debate on philosophy, atheism, and the secular belief system.

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What a Tool

Could industrial automation actually be good for American workers?

If it wasn’t for the Dodge Ram pickup truck, it’s unlikely that Matt Tyler, the CEO of Vickers Engineering in New Troy, Mich., would have purchased the company’s first robot.

First, it was expensive—the robot alone cost more than $50,000 on eBay, plus another $150,000 to program it and train workers to use it. Second, the general sentiment at Vickers was that bringing in a robot meant putting humans out of work.

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Why Neighborhood Mentors Make All the Difference

At 826michigan, tutoring and mentoring kids couldn't help without the dedication of neighbors.

Some say that Mister Rogers was the ultimate neighbor. He was always kind, saw the good in all children, and inspired everyone to think beyond the realm of their own imaginations. Also, he didn’t wear his outside shoes in the house. At 826michigan, we take that ideal to the next level, and it's only possible because of our remarkable neighbors.

826michigan serves over 2,500 students in Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor, and Detroit, teaching creative and expository writing skills. Our students conquer tricky homework in our tutoring programs, impress Dr. Blotch, our in-house crotchety publisher who drives our Storytelling and Bookmaking field trips, and find their voices through our publications projects. With so many students and a staff of seven (we have big hearts but work in small numbers), it's our volunteers who are the true backbone of 826michigan. We have more than 2,000 on our volunteer mailing list and are consistently awed by everything they do.

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