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A Day in a Pair: 25 Ways to Spread Acts of Kindness

A sticky note left by A Day in a Pair winner Hannah Nester This content was produced by GOOD, with support from Levi’s® Last month, GOOD and...

A sticky note left by A Day in a Pair winner Hannah Nester

This content was produced by GOOD, with support from Levi’s®

Last month, GOOD and Levi's teamed up to bring you the "A Day in a Pair" contest, which awarded three lucky readers with $100 to use towards doing good in one day. (And as an added bonus from Levi’s, each received a $150 Levi's gift card.) Submissions have closed, and we are now excited to present each of the winner’s days.

Meet Hannah Nester, a graphic designer and firm believer that positive acts beget more positive acts. In honor of her twenty fifth birthday, Nester wanted to do another thing she holds firm belief in: random acts of kindness. And in honor of her birthday, she wanted to find 25 ways to be kind to others.

Armed with $100 and a day ahead of her, Nester set about her Michigan town to spread good to as many people she could with the money in her pocket. Though she occasionally encountered confusion from her good-deed recipients, Nester completed a list ranging from giving away gift cards and bringing balloons to hospital patients to picking up trash and handing out lottery tickets.

Take a look at how Nester gave her community a little lift in spirit. And then check out the other two winners here and here.

Nester shakes the hand of an officer and accepts a junior-police badge after bringing coffee to her local police station.

Nester works on writing sticky notes with positive messages to leave in random places throughout her day.

At the hospital Nester passes along cheer to many. She brings in water for the nurses, balloons for patients, and her favorite children’s book for a waiting room.

Nester poses with Allen Park fireman in her new junior-firefighter hat after dropping off donuts for them to enjoy.

After donating dog and cat treats to an animal shelter, Nester stops to give one to a dog.

Hoping to spread joy to many, Nester places a quarter in each candy machine for the next person to find.

Nester leaves quarters in a laundromat’s machine, which some of the regulars gladly used up.

Nester gives two physical therapy students lotto tickets, who happily accepted the study-session pick-me-up.

As one of her last deeds of the day Nester returns home to make brownies for her neighbor, Betty.

While her brownies bake, Nester leaves a note and candy bar for her mailman as a thank you.

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