Ferguson Municipal Public Library Named “2015 Library of the Year”

Beyond its role as a local institution, the Ferguson Municipal Public Library has become a model for communities nationwide.

image via (cc) flickr user peoplesworld

Following the shooting death of teenager Michael Brown at the hands of Police Officer Darren Wilson in August 2014, the city of Ferguson, Missouri went from unassuming St. Louis suburb to urban battleground—a place where protestors and law enforcement famously clashed, and where the “Black Lives Matter” movement ultimately took form. It was during those tumultuous weeks of conflict that one local institution transcended its unassuming facade, becoming for many both a haven in the midst of chaos, and a beacon of hope for a city on edge. That institution was the Ferguson Municipal Public Library, which this week was given the well-earned honor of being named the Gale/Library Journal “Library of the Year.”

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