German Animator Creates Moving Video About Addiction

Andreas Hykade uses animation to explore the sad reality of addiction.

German animator and Harvard University professor Andreas Hykade uses animation to explore and illustrate the many sides of the human condition. In his recent short for Filmbilder, he tackles the tumultuous road of addiction from the perspective of an animated bird called Nuggets.

The result is a powerful and sad illustration of addiction:

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Artist Imagines How Climate Change and Technology Will Alter Earth Forever

Russian artist creates eerie illustrations of the future of our planet.

Russian designer Evgeny Kazantsev has created a series of surreal illustrations that imagine what the world would look like once natural disasters and technology drastically alter human existence.

In Cataclysm Happens, Kazantsev constructs an eerie picture of the effects of climate change on humanity.

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High School Girl’s Response to ‘Ugly Girls’ Poll Goes Viral

Meet the brave high school student who stood up to her school’s cyberbullies.

Lynelle Cantwell is in 12th grade at Holy Trinity High School in Torbay, Newfoundland and Labrador (that’s Canada). On Monday, she found out that she had been featured on another student’s anonymous online poll entitled “Ugly Girls in Grade 12,” along with several other classmates.

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This Is Definitely the Most Intense Wedding Dance You’ll See All Day

A bride is moved to tears when her wedding party performs a traditional haka war dance.

This is probably the most memorable wedding dance you’ll watch all week. When Benjamin Armstrong decided to surprise his bride at their wedding with a traditional haka war dance, she had no idea what was coming.

Although the dance, which originates from an indigenous New Zealand tribe called the Māori, was historically performed during wartime, it is also performed at celebrations to show honor and respect.

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