British Astronaut Answers Very British Question With Even More British Answer

British astronaut Tim Peake discusses what it’s like to drink tea in outer space.

European Space Agency astronaut Tim Peake is the first British ESA astronaut and the sixth person born in the United Kingdom to visit the International Space Station. In this engaging interview, Peake speaks with the media for the first time.

In addition to discussing his workload, adaptation process, and the attributes of the space station, Peake answers reporters’ burning questions about the quality of tea in outer space.

Skip ahead to 13:33 for his response:

[youtube expand=1]

This interview was recorded live from the ESA’s astronaut center in Cologne, Germany. The International Space Station is a microgravity laboratory in which an international crew of six people live and work in space while traveling at a speed of 5 miles per second, orbiting Earth every 90 minutes.

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