All-Girls Tackle Football Is Officially A Trend

Inside the rise of football’s next frontier

Image via Utah Girls Football league

Sam Gordon, the internet’s most famous female football player, still remembers the reactions at her first practice. The Utah eighth grader tried out for the boys tackle league in Salt Lake City when she was nine years old.

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Image via Mickey Wilson

Last Wednesday at the Arapahoe Basin ski area in Colorado, a man attempted to step off his chairlift and ride down the Rocky Mountains. But as the man dispatched, his backpack tangled in the chair, and he got stuck hanging helplessly from the bench seat.

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The Funny Thing About Death

Comedian Laurie Kilmartin opens up about her new special, “45 Jokes About My Dead Dad”

Laurie Kilmartin (Image courtesy of Mindy Tucker)

In February 2014, comedian and Late Night with Conan O’Brien writer Laurie Kilmartin’s father checked into a hospice with stage IV lung cancer. From his bedside, Kilmartin live-tweeted her dad’s last week of life, producing a stream of morbid, loving, and painfully hilarious jokes that took solace in the absurdities of end-of-life care: the silence, the daytime television, the boring visitors, the experience of seeing your father’s genitals. It made for a tragic and hilarious eulogy.

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