Random Act of Sport: Woman Catches Mugger After Marathon Chase

Hubei Wang was determined to get her money back

Earlier this month in Yiwu, a city in eastern China that produces most of the world’s Christmas decorations, Hubei Wang was robbed outside a bank.

After making a withdrawal, Wang left the branch and walked into the parking lot, according to A man approached her, forcefully grabbed 10,000 yuan (around $1400) she was holding in her hands, knocked her to the ground, and ran.

Wang, who was wearing high heels and a baggy black coat, stood up, grabbed her bag, and started in pursuit. A nearby surveillance camera shows her chasing the thief through an alley, where she eventually catches him as he boards his motorcycle. Wang jumps on board as the man attempts to flee, then wrestles him to the ground.

The man runs away after the scuffle, with Wang on his tail, but he eventually stops, realizing the futility of his attempted petty crime against an apparent action hero. He turns to Wang and returns the money. The chase reportedly lasted 30 minutes.

“I insisted (on) chasing after him,” Wang told the press, “and he eventually returned the remaining cash to me.” Spoken like an experienced endurance runner and deliverer of vigilante justice.

The suspect, surnamed Pan, was arrested the next day and is currently in criminal detention. The status of his motorcycle is unknown.