Random Act Of Sport: Russian Man Dives Into Ice-Cold Water To Save Puppy

Grab a blanket

Image via YouTube

Earlier this month in Simferopol, Russia, a small dog fell through the half-frozen surface of an icy pond. Television network Russia Today reported the temperature outside was a brisk 23 degrees. You may need a blanket before reading what happened next.

As the puppy struggles to paddle, a man strips down to his underwear, steps to the snowy edge of a pier, and enters the water. As heavily layered friends call out instructions from land, the man swims toward the dog, grabs the animal, and helps direct him to shore.

The man falls as he steps out of the water and sets down the shivering puppy, but his friends offer a hand to help him find his balance. The video ends with the dog shaking, the man walking back toward his clothes, and witnesses standing around calmly like they didn’t just watch the tear-jerking climax of a pet-themed romantic comedy.

Man, dog’s best friend.