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In 2015, the American Enterprise Institute — a conservative think tank that researches government, politics, economics, and social welfare — hosted a panel discussion to explore the challenges and possible solutions of homelessness on the street. One speaker on the panel was law enforcement consultant and LAPD officer of over 24 years, Deon Joseph.

Joseph, who spent 22 of his years on the force in downtown Los Angeles' Skid Row Community, discussed his experiences and what he believes the best approach is to help the homeless population, including how society can take better care of the mentally ill. Check out his impassioned discussion, below.

How we can help people off Skid Row: Lessons from LAPD Officer Deon Joseph


How an Anxiety Disorder Can Become a Work of Art

John William Keedy's photographs could be seen as therapeutic self portraits, with the artist struggling with his own mental issues.

Is it possible for a society to have a commonly held idea of what is normal, when few individuals in that society actually meet the criteria for normalcy? That's the question that photographer John William Keedy asked himself when exploring the series It's Hardly Noticeable. Keedy's visual scenarios are all a little "off" in some way, inducing a slight feeling of uneasiness in the viewer. The staged situations he creates are far from "normal," with holes punched in a glass of milk, white out being applied to sheet music, an offering of green peas to be eaten by haphazardly bent cutlery.
Keedy's photographs could be seen as therapeutic self-portraits, with the artist struggling with his own mental issues, having been diagnosed with anxiety disorder at an early age. Keedy explains, "It’s Hardly Noticeable explores the world of a character who navigates living with an unspecified anxiety-based mental illness. He negotiates situations constructed to highlight the impacts and implications of his differences on his thoughts and behaviors, and by doing so raises questions of normalcy... the series reveals the relationship between reality and perception, and highlights issues of pathology while questioning stereotypes of normalcy."
So what is normal? Judging from Keedy's clever photos, it's up to us to decide, and have a little anxiety-ridden fun with it in the meantime.

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