Recycled Seashells Transform Beach Into a Dazzling Art Installation

Artist Subodh Kerkar uses thousands of repurposed mussel shells to create a stunning, undulating “ode to the ocean.”

To celebrate the ‘Sculpture by the Sea’ festival in Aarhus, Denmark, artist Subodh Kerkar repurposed thousands of mussle shells into mesmerizing designs. Photo by Subodh Kerkar.

Each year for the last four years, the coastal city of Aarhus, Denmark, has turned their pristine coastline into a temporary outdoor art gallery. Sculpture by the Sea Aarhus, open from June 5th to July 5th along the coast of Tangkrogen to Ballehage, is Denmark’s largest art event and features an international roster of creatives. Now on view, the exhibition contains 60 sculptures and offers audiences “a unique opportunity to combine social and recreational activities, exercise, art, nature and common experiences.”

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