Intermission: Sea 'SOUP' and Pollution

In a series of hauntingly gorgeous photographs entitled “SOUP,” Mandy Barker captures the bright, plastic debris that covers our oceans.

In a series of hauntingly gorgeous photographs entitled “SOUP,” UK-based photographer, Mandy Barker, captures a visual interpretation of sea pollution, mainly focusing on bright, plastic debris. While Barker accumulated the plastics from beaches all over the world to represent a “global collection of debris that has existed for varying amounts of time in the world’s oceans,” the series particularly references an area in the North Pacific Ocean called “the Garbage Patch,” famous for its exceptionally high plastic, sludge, and waste levels.

Barker not only draws attention to the disturbing amount of pollution in our oceans, but also to the sea creatures who are fatefully attracted to the garbage. According to Barker, “The sequence of images in SOUP reveal a 
narrative that begins with the initial attraction of plastics to sea creatures, their
 attempted ingestion, and ending with their ultimate death 
represented by ‘SOUP:Ruinous Remembrance.'" Barker started her project two years ago, but as marine pollution continues to exist, "SOUP" remains a work in progress.