In Santa Monica, Teens Tackle Environmental Causes with Creativity

For five years, Team Marine, a group of students at Santa Monica High, have been championing environmental causes in creative, attention-getting ways.

"When I say ban, you say plastic!" shouts a woman. "Ban! Plastic! Ban! Plastic!" A rally for environmental causes is not an unfamiliar sight in eco-sympathetic Santa Monica. But this bullhorn is in the hands of a young, energetic teenager, and with her, a troupe of equally passionate teens, some dressed in outrageous costumes made of plastic waste. For the past five years, Team Marine, a group of audacious juniors and seniors at Santa Monica High School coached by Benjamin Kay, have been rallying their neighbors around the global issues of climate change, plastic pollution, and ocean acidification. Along the way, they've proved to adults that teens care about far more than texting and video games.

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